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Royal Power Solutions

Royal Power Solutions

World Class Quality and Delivery 

A global leader in power distribution and transmission, Royal is a trusted solutions provider for OEMs and global brands. From battery and high current terminals to precision components, as an electrical connector manufacturer, we pioneer the connections that deliver power efficiently and safely. And, with the largest tool and die shop dedicated to high-speed, high-precision connector technologies in America, we excel in world class quality and delivery.

Discover Why 

Harnessing 80+ years leadership, our reputation as an electrical connector manufacturer and automotive connector supplier is unmatched in the industry. Quality, safety and on-time delivery.   

Royal Manufacturing

From concept and design to manufacturing electrical connectors and various connection systems and terminals, Royal delivers a seamless development and production process.

Our manufacturing exemplifies our commitment to innovation, quality, safety and on-time delivery. We maximize efficiency in manufacturing and optimize product assembly processes. This translates into increased uptime, flexibility and lower product cost for our customers.