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About Us

Royal Power Solutions

High precision connector technologies for an electrified world

At Royal Power Solutions, we are changing the world for the better. We share a passion for serving our fellow workers, our customers, and our society.

Our new products are designed for the global trend of increased electrification – including Electric Vehicles.

Our designs emphasize:

Safe products for our customers and their customers to interact

Environmentally favorable and "green solutions” that make the world a better place for everyone

Efficient and affordable solutions. We believe mobility needs to be affordable so all society benefits

Our connectivity solutions overcome electrification’s energy wasters. By improving energy efficiency technologies, we are creating sustainable power solutions for our customers. And for the planet.

Electrification requires a more efficient use of energy resources. We’re doing our part.

We value creativity over capital and are transforming connectivity technologies in ways unimagined a few short years ago.

We empower our associates in our facilities – and in the field. Employee engagement paired with honesty, integrity and respect gives us the energy to deliver our values in action every day.

Powerful people. Powerful innovations. Powerful products.

What can we power for you?