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Royal Power Solutions

Safety is Always Job #1

Safety for our employees, for the communities we work in, and for the greater society we are part of.

It is reflected in the behavior-based safety initiatives in our plants - and ultimately in the products we design. We want to ensure that our customers and their ultimate users -- can safely co-exist with our products. Safety is a foundational principle of everything we innovate.

Safety is Priority One. Protecting assembly workers, technicians, and consumers with better power connections

Building A Better Mousetrap

With the dawning of a new era in mobility, and the conversion from internal combustion engines to electrified propulsion, we knew the old methods of connecting 12V systems would not be adequate for future vehicle architecture.

As the industry pivoted toward high voltage systems, it required safer handling and operation for those power distribution connections. We needed to switch to protected OEM assembly workers, technicians, first responders, and consumers from inadvertent contact with HV systems.

From this perspective, we began a quest to develop an improved system of power distribution interconnects.

We have elevated safety initiatives in our plants, products, people and communities

Preventing Injuries – Accelerating Assembly

We also observed the handling of our products at the point of installation and realized that other ergonomic issues and work injuries could be eliminated with better up-front design solutions that both reduce potential injuries, but also speed up the assembly process.

By eliminating cumbersome and ergonomically deficient tools from the assembly line, we have elevated safety initiatives in our plants, products, people and communities.

Interested in learning about our revolutionary connector technologies for H/EVs?

IM POWER Empowers Royal Associates

Our employees power our success. Their ideas build a foundation of innovation and inclusion that improves safety, sustainability and quality for everyone.

IM POWER recognizes our associates’ role in making Royal a world leader in power connectivity.

Meet the people whose powerful ideas fuel our feats.

Andres Lopez
Quality Technician

Andres Lopez, Quality Technician, wanted to decrease the chance that workers could be struck by a falling object. His idea? Place screens on top of all forklifts prevents this from occurring. Thanks to Andres, our facility is one of the safest places you can work. To share our appreciation, he received a $75 gift card and IM POWER T-shirt

Eddie Solis
Die Setter

Eddie Solis, a Die Setter in Royal’s Stamping Department, had an idea to increase plant safety and sustainability. He proposed painting safety latches on scrap hoppers red to show when they’re in the wrong position decreases the possibility the hoppers will tilt over. Eddie received a $75 gift card and IM POWER T-shirt to recognize his ingenuity.

Braulio Urquizo
Die Setter

Braulio Urquizo is a Die Setter in Royal’s Stamping department. To increase safety measures during finishing, he suggested installing guards around the payouts to keep pedestrians the proper distance from the coil feed table finishing materials. Braulio’s powerful idea earned him a $50 gift card and an IM POWER T-shirt

Join our team and discover your power to change the world.