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Royal Applications

Across diverse industries, Royal Power is pioneering high-precision connector technologies to increase affordability, efficiency and safety in signal and data transmission.

Automotive Industry


Improving total systems cost and reliability through better assembly and ergonomics.

Autosport Industry


Delivering signal efficiency for advanced vehicle designs.

Appliance Industry


Developing operational efficiency and reliability for optimal performance.

Aerospace Industry


Strengthening high-precision connector technologies for aviation applications.

Battery Systems

Battery Systems

Transforming current carrying capacity with revolutionary boltless connectors.

Consumer Solutions

Consumer Solutions

Increasing safety and sustainability electric and battery-powered products.

Data Centers

Data Centers

Elevating data center design with faster, smaller and lighter power/signal connections.

Military Industry

Defense and Military

Advancing signal reliability for mission-critical information transmission.

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles

Innovating fastener-free/boltless and high-power connection technologies.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Expediting first responder communication with improved power distribution connections.

Medical Industry


Ensuring diagnostic and treatment results with improved healthcare equipment.

Offroad Vehicle Industry

Truck, Bus and Off-Road

Developing solutions for higher vibration and heat performance requirements.