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Application Assistance


Customer Application Solutions

Agile, innovative and state of the art concurrent/collaborative Engineering utilizing software tools that enable strong and predicable solutions exceeding our automotive electric vehicle customers’ expectations. 

Collaborating with our customers to remove roadblocks to optimized solutions

We listen to our customers’ needs, collaborate of specs, goals, timing, etc., engage our company’s assets to exceed these targets and present conceptual solutions that our customers frequently mature to a production award.


  • Weight – HPLB and RigiFlex often result in significant weight savings over traditional bolted connections 
  • Performance – HPLB used in customer specific applications far outperforms a bolted connection in terms of current carrying capability, Sealing, ease of assembly/service and vibration resistance. 
  • Simplicity - HPLB and RigiFlex are “Elegantly Simple” solutions providing robust performance and life 
  • Cost – Requiring less precious metal (like copper), HPLB and RigiFlex solutions to customer specific applications not only provide extraordinary value and performance, but generally are cost competitive with a traditional bolted connection or competitive sealed connector applications. 

Features & Options  

  • HPLB-Round is sized from 1.5mm diameter up to any diameter the customer may need (10mm currently) 
  • HPLB-Classic is sized from 1xBeam up to any # of beams the customer may need (3xBeam currently) 
  • HPLB-Low-Profile is sized from 2xBeams up to any # of beams the customer may need (12xBeams currently) 
  • RigiFlex is sized from 15mm2 up to any cross-sectional area the customer may need (200mm2 currently) 
  • RigiFlex length can be between 200mm and 1800m 
  • RigiFlex can utilize HPLB connections and traditional bolted connections