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Product Testing


Product Testing

Royal Power Solutions opened the Henrik Freitag Innovation Center in 2019 at our Chicago-area headquarters.

The state-of-the-art workspace and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab spurs collaboration and creativity among our engineering team while validating new products in development.  

The 12,000 sf facility and quality control lab is located in the center of Royal’s production floor and is home to two dozen engineers who work together to share ideas. The center nurtures curiosity and allows Royal to look creatively at product design with a commercialization set of parameters, including simplicity, number of processes, alternative and reduced materials, and faster cycle times. 

Our investment in world class testing equipment allows us to validate products and benchmark them against alternatives with data acceptable to OEM standards. 

This equipment falls into three families of testing apparatus

T-temperature humidity chambers producing environments from -40C up to +1,250C

Thermal complex environmental chambers producing 13,000 lbf and capable of a 100-G,11-ms shock pulse with temperature cycling

Corrosion testing equipment to prove products can hold up to rain and chemical exposure including battery acids, oil and gas

Product Testing Capabilities

Temperature Vibration
  • 3-2500 Hz
  • Up to 13k force pounds 
  • -40 to +200° 
Thermal Shock
  • -70 to 190°C
  • Temp transition <30 seconds
Temperature Humidity
  • -70 to +150°C 
  • 10 to 98%RH
  • 10°C/min ramp rates
Salt Fog Chamber
High Temperature
  • Up to 250°C
Rain Chamber
Instron Cross-Section
IP Water Testing
  • Up to X9k

The Freitag Innovation Center was awarded ISO/IEC-17025 Accredited Lab for Testing & Calibration. 

Our customers are confident that they receive parts designed and validated in a collaborative environment by a recognized solutions provider. 

The Innovation Center reinforces Royal’s position as a leader in complete system solutions for challenges posed by electrification. We now offer one-stop-shop capabilities to design, test and manufacture new products in-house for automobiles, other road and off-road vehicles and varied industrial uses.

Randy Ross, CEO

Lab Leadership

Jim Dawson

Vice President, Engineering

Larry Brooks

Manager, Test Engineering Lab

Nate Hollin

Manager, Die Engineering & Tool Room