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Tooling Design


Tool Design

Foundation for Success

A well-engineered progressive die is the foundation of quality and consistency of any stamped part. Piece-part design and tolerance requirements drive the design and layout of stamping tools.

As new markets push the limits of conventional tooling and stamping techniques, Royal is meeting rigorous requirements and lead times with advanced die design technologies. We continue to invest in the pioneering equipment and methods to accelerate the design-to-manufacture process for our customers.

Utilizing Siemens NX Design and Manufacturing 3D Software, our design engineers produce working SLA models using FDM and Poly-Jet technology. We cut the parts using an OMAX 2652 Waterjet Machining Center and finish each prototype to specification. Production is transferred directly to our CNC and Tooling department, resulting in cost and time savings in the manufacturing process.

Royal is an industry leader in close-tolerance, high-performance tool design.

Royal Advantage

  • Flexible, cost effective design solutions emphasizing quality and performance
  • Two-dozen highly-skilled and experienced design engineers
  • NX Mach 3 Progressive Die Workstations
  • Collaborative Work Environment
  • Cross-functional Design Reviews
  • International Design Capacity (Mexico)
  • Strong partnerships with design and engineering service companies
  • All tooling designed and built in-house


  • Prototype
  • CNC Machining
  • EDM Hole Drilling
  • Jig Grinding
  • OMAX 2652 Waterjet Machining Center
  • Precision Grinding
  • Wire and Conventional EDM

Contact Royal's design team to learn how our tooling expertise delivers outstanding results.