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Automated Assembly Technologies


Automated Assembly Technologies

With in-house automation expertise,  Royal Power is a recognized leader in automated assembly technologies. We are set apart in that we design and build our own assembly machines.

And, we deliver value added services including stamped battery terminal assembly, power strip assembly and packaging and handling solutions.

Because Royal designs for manufacturing and assembly, we optimize the product and assembly processes-equipment sets to be as efficient and robust as possible. This translates into increased uptime, greater flexibility, and lower product cost.

Increased uptime, greater flexibility and lower product cost.

Royal Advantage

From multiple quality checks through the assembly process, we utilize state-of-the-art sensors and vision systems to assure compliance with our customer’s components.

Tooling is designed to minimize changeover time which allows for expedited and small volume runs to meet the demands of our customers.

We will meet or beat demanding customer delivery dates for assembly services. We have the technical staff and components to keep production up and running for optimal performance.

Royal Capabilities

Employing our own in-house automation team, the possibilities are endless. We offer semi- and fully-automated processes including:

  • Spot welding
  • Insertion of self-clinching nuts and studs
  • Roll form tapping
  • Threaded fastener assembly
  • Automated vision-based inspection and sorting
  • Captured nut/bolt assembly
  • Robotic unloading/loading of parts

Packaging and Handling Solutions 

Royal Power partners with our packaging suppliers to develop the most cost-effective solutions to pack and ship your components based on product requirements. Most parts we produce can be packed in our standard bulk or reel packaging to keep the weight under 40 pounds per carton.

We have several packaging suppliers able to design and test intricate packaging for ultra-sensitive and clean packaging requirements.

Partnering with Royal gives you a one stop shop for your component part and packaging needs.


  • We offer standard carton sizes or we can customize packaging to fit your needs including the use of returnable dunnage
  • We use robotic technology with vision to precisely place each part into the desired space
  • Our products are packed according to OSHA Standards and IPPC compliant packaging

Packaging Capabilities

  • Bulk pack
  • Barrel
  • Layered
  • Partitioned
  • Reel
  • Returnable dunnage (bulk or tray)
  • Tray
  • Vacuum sealed

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Packaging is typically identified and sourced once an order enters project management. Our Engineering Quality and program management team will develop your packaging solution, address questions and sign off on the Bill of Materials before shipping.

Value Add

We utilize state-of-the-art sensors and vision systems to assure compliance of our customer’s components. Multiple quality checks during the manufacturing process guarantees. Tooling is designed to minimize changeover time which allows for expedited and small volume runs to meet assembly demands.

With our in-house automation expertise,  Royal Power Solutions’ robust assembly equipment provides our customers with value added manufacturing services and endless possibilities.

Value-add processes include:

Stamped Battery Terminal Assembly
  • M5M6 Nut + Bolt side tightening
  • Top down feature
  • Center drive top down feature
  • Angled drive top down feature
  • Easy lever action features
Power Strip Assembly (PSA)
  • Robust vibration resistance
  • Plastic moldings
  • Additional after-market add-ons
  • Increased fuse contacts
  • Increased fuse protections

Customizable designs compatible with any battery post configuration.

Royal Power is committed to meet or beat delivery dates for our value-added services. We have the technical support staff and maintain a supply of spare machine components for optimal performance.