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At the 2019 Battery Show in Novi Michigan, Royal Power Solutions unveiled two new products to the U.S. automotive world: High Power Lock Box (HPLB) and RigiFlex.

According to VP Engineering and Chief Technology Officer Jim Dawson, HPLB is unique because it solves many problems the hybrid and electric battery industry has encountered.

“For high current-carrying capability and high-vibration, high-temperature applications, HPLB is the first high voltage connector that passes US Cars T4 and V4 requirements. It also meets S3 requirements for sealing under pressure spray.”

Another product launched at The Battery Show was the RigiFlex busbar. Rigid in areas where it needs to be unyielding and flexible in others, RigiFlex allows automation and manufacturing variance, modular expansion and contraction.

A global leader in stamped battery and eyelet terminals, Royal Power has transformed our stamping capabilities into new, proprietary technologies revolving around high current, high vibration and aggressive environment applications and products.

”We’re taking stamping technology and turning it into more opportunities for electrification in the vehicle and turning our terminal technology into high current, high-vibration applications for the EV market,” said Chris Pepoy, Vice President Sales. “With the growing EV market, we’re seeing many more opportunities for high current and high vibration stampings."

Battery Show attendees learned that HPLB and RigiFlex are configurable, compact, cost-efficient, and flexible.

Dawson noted that Royal’s products give customers critical options for expanding their pack designs citing for example that some customers need 80, 120 and/or 160-kilowatt variations for their battery packs.

"Our products allow this to happen seamlessly without  any special components or low volume parts.”

Learn how Royal Power Solutions’ patented and patent-pending designs increase current carrying capacity and efficiency, reduce costs and weight, and generate less heat. Visit to see how Royal is helping to sustainably power an increasingly electrified world.

Hear Dawson and Pepoy explain how these new power distribution technologies are transforming electric cars in this video, "Backstage at the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo and Battery Show 2019."