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Introducing Revolutionary RigiFlex

Flexible Busbars

RigiFlex Bus Bar with HPLB Connections


Competitor’s flexible busbars contain multiple hotspots due to numerous welds and dissimilar materials. We’ve overcome these shortcomings by creating one continuous length of material that is both Rigid & Flexible as required within the application environment.

Our flexible busbars can be manufactured in copper or aluminum. With our unique, simple, 1-piece flow for manufacturing, we have the ability to scale to any customer volume needed. By combining our High Power Lock Box terminal system and Rigiflex we can create a self-aligning, quick connect solution that reduces our packaging envelope.

Our customers have eliminated discrete fasteners, decreased warranty as related to torque joint failure and enabled automation of busbar installation to their battery pack.

We can scale to any customer volume need due to our unique, simple, 1pc flow for manufacturing which is very simple to add capacity to. 

Product Highlights

Our Rigiflex Busbar is a breakthrough in busbar technology that integrates rigid and flexible busbar segments into one piece. Our flexible busbars are compatible with automotive, electric vehicles, trucks, buses, and off-roading. Applications Automotive
Electric Vehicles
Truck, Bus & Off-Road

Benefits of our Flexible Busbars

Our flexible battery busbar:

  • Has a reduced height profile to promote our space-efficient design. 
  • Has had heat sinks removed to allow weight savings on top of our reduced height profile. 
  • Guarantees an easy automated assembly process to provide the highest safety, minimum time, and maximum cost savings for our customers through our flexible busbar manufacturing.
  • Includes a flexible copper busbar, as well as a flexible aluminum busbar to reduce the risk of any corrosion in dissimilar metals or galvanics.

Features and Specifications

  • Eyelet features
  • Direct integrated HPLB Connections
  • Our busbars are 100% insulated when mated with Royal’s HPLB
  • Our busbars are capable of bending in all 3-dimensions

Seven patents are pending in the USA and internationally!

We are a “customer-first” focused company so we are always here to help. Get in touch with our product experts today to learn more about our products, specifically our Flexible Busbars! We look forward to hearing from you.

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