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Introducing Revolutionary RigiFlex

Flexible Busbars

RigiFlex Flexible busbar with High Power Lock Box connectors


High power connector bus bar, self-aligning, quick connect, copper or  Aluminum conductors, rigid and flexible by design 

By eliminating discreet fasteners and associated air assist torqueing, Royal’s RigiFlex busbar allows for easy automation of battery pack assembly process.

With integrated HPLB terminals, RigiFlex provides reduced packaging and lower profile final assemblies. No limit to busbar length in design or manufacturing.

We can scale to any customer volume need due to our unique, simple, 1pc  flow for manufacturing which is very simple to add capacity to. 

Product Highlights

Break-through Technology Integrating Rigid and Flexible Busbar Segments in One Piece. Applications Automotive
Electric Vehicles
Truck, Bus & Off-Road


  • Reduced Height Profile
  • Weight Savings - Removal of Heat Sinks
  • Allowance of expansion and contraction within Module Connections
  • Enables automated Assembly to provide the highest safety, minimum time, and maximum cost savings
  • Dual conductor material options available – No dissimilar metals/galvanic corrosion risk

Features & Options

  • Eyelet Features
  • Directly integrate HPLB Connections
  • Copper or Aluminum conductor materials available

Specification & Sizes

  • Any specified length
  • 100% Insulated busbar when mated with Royal’s HPLB
  • Bending in all 3-Dimensions

Seven patents pending in the USA and internationally

Product Information Sheets