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High Power Terminal System

High Power Lock Box

High Power Lock Box

A ground-breaking high-current, high-vibration and high-temperature terminal and connector family for LV, HV and 48-volt applications.

Patented multiple contact terminal system provides ultra-energy efficiency thru lower resistance. Eliminates dissimilar metals in the connection preventing galvanic corrosion.

  • Cost Reduction: No air-assist guns required in the plant for assembly
  • Time Savings: Push-Click-Tug-Scan (PCTS) process equals 30 seconds savings
  • Weight Savings: 70% on the inverter and IDCM modules
  • Vision System: Bar code scan within connector for safety system inputs at the plant level

Product Highlights

Highest current carrying capacity at elevated temps Applications Automotive
Electric Vehicles

Features and Options

  • Boltless Connection
  • Anti-scooping and anti-stubbing designs
  • Finger proofed design
  • Sealed and Un-Sealed connection systems are available
  • Proper connection verification by QR code

Specifications & Sizes

  • Meets USCAR 2 – T4 / V4 / S3 / D3 capable
  • 531 unique part numbers for parts and sub-assemblies
  • HPLB offered in nine sizes (*LP = Low Profile)
    • Pico
    • Nano
    • Mini
    • 1x Beam
    • Round
    • 2x Beam
    • 3x Beam
    • 8x Beam LP
    • 12x Beam LP

HPLB Product Family

HPLB Product Family
















  • High Power Lock Box is covered by U.S. Patent No. 9,905,953 and 10,135,168  

    and other patents pending worldwide. See complete list of patents here

Product Information Sheets
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