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Introducing our

High Power Lock Box

High Power Lock Box

The experts at Royal Power Solutions have developed a new terminal and connector system that will replace today’s current bolt-on connection system with an advanced “plug-in” solution.

Our High Power Lock Box terminals use groundbreaking technology to provide high-current, high-vibration, and high-temperature ratings within our connector series for low-voltage, high-voltage and 48-volt applications. 

Our patented multiple contact terminal system provides our customers with ultra energy efficiency with lower resistance.

Product Highlights

Highest current carrying capacity at elevated temps Applications Automotive
Electric Vehicles

Features and Options

Some features and options our power lock connectors have to offer:

  • Validated to USCAR-2 T4/V4
  • Available in copper or aluminum terminal bodies to avoid dissimilar metals 
  • Inverted contact system improves contact force over terminal lifetime 
  • Allows improved ergonomics due to the low insertion force
  • Proper connection verification by QR code 
  • Anti-scooping and anti-stubbing design our experts thought of with our customers in mind
  • Sealed and unsealed connectivity systems are available

HPLB Sizes

  • SQ Family (Square) 
    • SQ4 
    • SQ8
    • SQ12
  • LP Family (Low Profile)
    • LP4
    • LP6
    • LP8
    • LP12
  • RD Family (Round)
    • RD4
    • RD6
    • RD8
    • RD10
    • RD12
    • RD14
  • Specialty Family 
    • Pico
    • Nano 
    • Mini

Benefits of our High Power Lock Box Terminals:

We are a “customer first” business, so we keep our customers in mind in terms of our product benefits.

Some of the benefits our customers love: 

  • We offer industry leading power density, which enables smaller connector packaging and reduces weight. 
  • HPLB can eliminate air-assist guns which lead to a substantial cost reduction for the customer and improves their manufacturing process
  • Our power terminal connector offers our customers time savings with the use of our Push-Click-Tug-Scan (PCTS). This provides quality control through the scan process-laser, which scans the QR code at the end of the HPLB once installed. This eliminates the need for the large overhanging tools that measure the torque specifications and reads back to the Quality Logs.


Our power lock connector is covered by U.S. Patent No. 9,905,953 and 10,135,168 with other patents pending worldwide. See complete list of patents here

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