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Rigid Busbars

Royal Power Solutions Rigid Busbar

Over 30 years experience in busbar manufacturing 

Royal Power Solution’s proprietary Cavity Centering Technology provides our Rigid Busbars with a consistent and even over-mold and eliminates thin-spots commonly seen in molding. In addition, to providing the largest cross-sectional area on the market (up to 2” wide), our Rigid Busbars are subject to Hi-Pot and Dielectric Strength confirmation.    

The rigid busbar can be welded to interface any application.  To allow for a quick connection, ultrasonically weld an HPLB to both ends of your rigid busbar for a boltless connection. 

Product Highlights

Cutting-edge Cavity Centering Molding Technology incorporated into busbar manufacturing processes.   Applications Automotive
Electric Vehicles
Truck, Bus & Off-Road


  • Elimination in molding thin-spots 
  • Consistent over-molding 
  • Robust vibration resistance  
  • Scrap rate reduction 


Features & Options                

  • Eyelet Features 
  • Overmolding 
  • Cavity Centering Technology  
  • Hi-Pot and Dielectric Strength Confirmation  
  • Directly integrate HPLB Connections 


Technical Specifications                   

  • Any specified length 
  • Available in Copper or Aluminum  

This product covered by pending U.S. and foreign patent applications.  

Product Information Sheets