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Eyelet Terminals



Expertise and Precision

Optimum results are our top priority, which means improving upon quality, cost, reliability, and delivery. Our eyelet terminals are no exception, crafted with sophisticated engineering to manage, handle, stamp, and assemble the most intricate parts. Our eyelet terminal connectors are expertly designed in our state-of-the-art stamping facilities and come with many benefits:

  • The ability to economically produce billions of parts annually.
  • Largest user of red metal strip in the Midwest.
  • Extensive product offering and internal bandwidth allows for single sourcing of large programs.

Product Highlights

Supplying complex, precision metal stampings for high volume applications Applications Automotive
Battery Systems
Electric Vehicles
Truck, Bus & Off-Road

Features & Options

Eyelet terminals are conducive to a continuous flow of electrical signals and are built to work under extreme applications. These products are our expertise and come in several different options, such as:

  • Bare Copper
  • Pre-Plated
  • Post-Plated
  • Selectively Plated
  • Extensive plating type options including precious metals
  • Mechanical “B” Crimps


Our battery eyelets also come with many different options and features to better fit your needs, including:

  • Anti-Rotation features
  • Engineered grips for solderless connections
  • Sealed connections
  • Auxiliary Studs
  • Free Spinning Bolts
  • Poke-Yoke features
  • Fused connections
  • Insulation Grips
  • Threaded holes
  • Dual or multi-grip
  • Parts supplied loose piece, cell packed or on reels 
  • In-die assembly
  • Lead-Frames, terminals, multi-out and two and three-piece stamped components


  • Material thicknesses from 0.001” thru .187” 
  • Bed size up to 120" 
  • 30 Ton thru 400 Ton Capabilities 
  • Parts supplied in stainless steel, aluminum, low carbon, and all copper alloys



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Our customer relationships are important to us. We take pride in our product, and it is important that we take the time to understand your needs when it comes to the eyelet terminals you are looking for. Contact us today for all your industry needs.


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