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Press Fit Compliant Pins

Compliant Pins


Royal is the industry leader in high-reliability press-fit and compliant pins for automotive, electronic and telecommunication applications

Customers rely on Royal Power’s supplied press-fit and compliant pins for numerous connector, insert molding and header applications.

From a single “Eye of the Needle Pin” to many in a single lead-frame stamping, satisfy your insertion, retention and contact force requirements day after day, pin after pin.



Product Highlights

Infinite Length, Progression and Plating Options Available Applications Automotive
Consumer Solutions


  • Economically able to produce Billions of parts annually
  • Elimination of soldering pins to board
  • Connectors utilizing Press Fit Technology are easily replaceable on boards in the field

Features & Options             

  • Full radius available in press fit zone utilizing unique “Camming Process”
  • Infinite length, progression and plating options available
  • Insertion, retention and contact forces to meet custom requirements

Specifications & Sizes           

  • Press fit pins made from “thru shape or canoe shape” in compliant zone
  • 0.2mm-0.8mm material thickness
  • Supplied in all copper alloys

Production Capacity

  • 1 Billion Pins Annually


Product Information Sheets