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Stamped Brackets



Value Added Assemblies, Power Connections, Battery Terminal Assemblies, Battery Fuse Assemblies, Support Bars, Integrated Structural Support.


Royal Power Solutions has the design and manufacturing ability to stamp and assemble any brackets to customeR specifications.


  • In house design
  • In house tool build
  • In house assembly
  • In house production in the USA and Mexico

Product Highlights

Stamped Bracket Made to Customer Specifications Applications Application 1
Application 2
Application 3

Features & Options

  • Fully staffed design and engineering department for complete solution
  • In house tool design and build 
  • In house design and build of automation machine 
  • Large and small stamping capabilities 
  • Assembly solutions 
  • Cleaning solutions 
  • Molding solutions 
  • Fully equipped in house inspection department 



  • 12” steel strip width
  • 0.25” thickness 


Annual Production

  • Can meet any production needs.