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Highest Quality, Performance & Competitiveness

Injection Molding


Our products provide the highest delivered quality, performance and commercial competitiveness. Our plant locations provide logistical advantages for our customers. Carol Stream, IL is centrally located in the USA and Queretaro, MX is centrally located in Mexico. 

Injection molding, scientific, closed loop process control, high efficiency, multi-cavity, design, build debug tooling, mold maintenance, cavity insert interchangeability, Benchmark PPM 

We injection mold components to exceed our customers’ needs, enable higher performance, longer life, highest quality, easier serviceability and lowest cost. 

Product Highlights

Providing the Highest Quality, Performance and Competitiveness Applications Automotive
Electric Vehicles
Consumer Solutions


  • Royal Power Solutions is the automotive market leader in battery or power connection cover products.
  • Cost – Always in the forefront of our improvement activities, commercialization (cost) is a key performance indicator for our manufacturing engineering and Kaizen teams.

Features & Options

  • Experience and capability with numerous plastic resins
  • Rapid Prototyping of tools in both plastic and metal is performed in-house or at strategic suppliers
  • Product Manufacturing capacity is in Carol Stream, IL, Canton, MI, and Queretaro, MX.

Specifications & Sizes

  • Machine sizes range from 60t Vertical to 225t vertical and 65t Horizontal to 350t Horizontal

Millions of Components Produced Annually

Product Information Sheets