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Value Add Power Solutions

Insert Molding


One of our many specialties is insert molding and in-mold assembly. Unlike our competitors, we operate in-house, high-speed metal stamping and insert-injection molding. Machining units in this department exert a clamping force ranging from 30 to 310 tons with a varied number of cavities while employing tight tolerances.

Cavity Centering Technology prevents high scrap rates or marginally passing Hi Pot™ parts to escape our plant. An unsupported busbar is significantly impacted by the injection molding melt front as the plastic fills the cavity. Depending on several factors, the plastic may fill top or bottomed influenced because the busbar is not stable.


Product Highlights

Specializing in Cavity Centering Technology Applications Automotive
Battery Systems

Technology Advantages

  • Proprietary “Cavity Centering” Molding
  • 6k Volt Isolation Properties


How Cavity Centering Technology Works

  • As plastic fills the cavity, it follows the path of least resistance
  • As the cavity fills, and pressure increases, the pins are forced outward allowing plastic to completely encapsulate the busbar
  • Molding pressure pushes pins to finish position



  • Full range of thermoplastic polymers


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