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Value Add Solution

Stamped Battery Terminal Cover

Stamped Battery Terminal (SBT) Cover


Royal Power Solutions offers a wide range of molding possibilities to cover and protect your electrical connections. 


We have a fully staffed molding department ready to meet your needs; from m soft to hard plastics to over mold possibilities.

We also have the ability to rapid prototype many configurations in a matter of days to get parts to your prototype fast. 

Product Highlights

Safety cover rubber cover insulated cover protective cover wire caps sealed caps access point  Applications Automotive
Electric Vehicles
Truck, Bus & Off-Road


  • Fully staffed molding department 
  • Weatherproof connections 
  • Sealed connections 
  • Easy access points 


Features & Options 

  • Multiple materials and colors available 
  • Available in soft or hard covers 
  • Multiple mounting options 
  • Cover styles include: tape on; trapped on; and snap on
  • Hinge styles include: loose; single piece and flexible 
  • Overmolding 
  • hi-pot testing available
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